Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Your Future Is In Your Hands

Do you want to grow old with an eating disorder? Do you want to spend the next five, ten, fifteen - however many years really - of your life miserable, cold, alone, and drowning in self-hatred? Do you want to be forced to take time off from your education, or drop out all together, because you've missed too much and are too sick to continue? Do you want to lead a life that is dedicated to calories, scales, eating disordered thoughts and other useless numbers? Do you want to have all your hair fall out; be constantly cold; develop long, fine downy hair on your body; have poor circulation and always be faint?


Do you want to finish your educational pursuits, go to parties, socialize and enjoy life? Do you want to start a relationship with someone? Do you want to be able to go out with friends and order something off of a menu that you genuinely look forward to eating instead of getting what is considered 'safe' by your eating disorder? Do you want to enjoy celebrating your own wedding with a slice of wedding cake while laughing, dancing and having a good time? Do you want to have a body that functions normally and is in full health? Do you want to truly inspire others and be able to make a lasting impact on someone else's life? And most importantly, do you want to be happy, passionate, excited and free? 

Having an eating disorder wasn't my choice; it is no one's choice for that matter - it chooses you. But you can choose to recover.

Your future is in your hands; just like I am in charge of mine. And for me, that means full force with recovery.

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