Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Concentration's Coming Back

Up until a week ago, I found it incredibly difficult to read just a few pages in a book without drifting away into my own little world, that is still sometimes plagued by thoughts revolving around food unfortunately. It was like a Christmas miracle that I am able to read books again without having to read the same page over and over because it just wasn't possible for me to focus long enough to finish reading just one single page. How bizarre is that?

Most of us take our concentration for granted. I did as well, until I lost mine. While I was down at the intensive station up until last week, my concentration was severly lacking. It was a sign that my brain wasn't being supplied with all the proper nutrients and such. It showed that the exchanges going on inside of my body were still not up to par. In the previously mentioned time frame, I attempted to read a book five, maybe six times - I never made it past page 30 on any of my efforts; not because the book was boring or I couldn't follow the storyline, but because I kept wandering to other places with my thoughts.

Thankfully this is starting to take an end. Last week, I successfully finished my first book since last summer. And today, I finished my second. I may not be able to read 100, or 200 pages in one sitting yet; but 30 to 50 is manageable and I couldn't be happier. Slowly but surely I am gaining back my concentration and reading is just one of the signs that confirms this.

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  1. Hannah, good news.

    It is time to get over lost 'YOU' and find love within yourself.
    Keep going and fingers crossed.