Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Night Leave During the Week

As was discussed - and mentioned in this post earlier - with the doctor in charge of me last week, to help ease my transition back into the real world, I would be given night-leaves during the week.

Well, yesterday to today marked that first night-leave during the week - there's a first for everything! Although I had to be at the station for all my meals on both days, it's a start. I had to be back this morning at 8 am; just in time for breakfast. But that wasn't a problem for me as I am an early riser, waking up as the sun slowly ascends over the city and the first signs of movement are heard on the street - a sign that the busy day ahead has set into motion. This time, the night-leave was solely for sleeping at home and being able to enjoy a good night's sleep in my own bed during the week.

Since everything worked out great and I was here for all meals, I am hoping that for my next night-leave during the week, that I might be able to have a few meals outwards - maybe dinner and then breakfast to start with. I'm hopeful; I have to be. It's always good to remain positive.

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