Monday, January 21, 2013

Benefits of Individual Therapy

The last five weeks I did not have a therapist as the one that I was assigned to prior to the Christmas Holidays term was up at the station; how not fitting is all I've been able to think since then. Until today. Today I had the first real talk with a therapist again, my new one - she seems lovely just like the last one was too. I am ecstatic beyond belief - full of excitement like a puppy is upon receiving his yummy treat - that I finally have someone to confide in again.

For the past five weeks I have not had anyone at the station to share my innermost thoughts with - I was forced to deal with them by myself, without having any professional advice for whatever situations that I was dealing with at the current moment. It was tough without a therapist, I must admit. Of course I talked with my parents about what occupied my mind as well as with my best friends, yet it isn't the same as sharing my thoughts with someone who is in the profession if you know what I mean. I find it great to receive valid advice from someone from the outside, looking at the subject from a different perspective as they have no relationship to me.

So today I was relieved. Although I was 'given' a new therapist last week, followed by a quick introduction and greeting, our first real one-hour long session took place today. I finally have a contact person at the station again and she promised me that if I never need someone to vent to and it isn't our day when we have our session, that I can still come to her and she will make time for me - what a nice gesture. Today consisted of the basics; of telling her my whole story of how everything came to be. And believe me, that was tough enough and very emotional as it brings back so many unwanted memories. Looking back, I still can't believe what condition I was in upon my arrival at the hospital and of all the hardships that I put myself through. Simply put, I endangered myself and was close to death. It's always good to put things in perspective and that's what I did with my therapist today. We looked at how far I have come and the progress that I have been able to make.

It was only the first therapy block of many more to come. I cannot wait to see the depths that we will get into and I am glad that I got along so well with my therapist today. It feels good to finally have someone at the station again who is there for me.

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  1. Hallo Hannah!
    Bin ein bisschen in Rückstand mit Deinen Posts geraten, aber habe jetzt gesehen, dass Du einen Gynäkologen im AKH brauchst. Ich würde Dir raten, mit Prof. Ambros Huber (Abteilung für Geburtshilfe) zu sprechen. Er hat eine Bekannte von mir in einer ähnlichen Situation behandelt, ich bin auch seit Jahren Patientin von ihm.
    Falls Du Dich mit mir in Verbindung setzen willst, schreib mir hierhin:
    Alles Gute!
    Liebe Grüsse, Brigitte