Monday, January 7, 2013

A Constant Coming and Going

Chaos - patients, doctors, and nurses rushing in and out of doors, sprinting full force through the station with papers and certificates of discharge for those lucky enough to have departed today. It felt like Times Square does at its peak hour, where everyone is dashing home after a long and stressful day at work, with people switching from one errand to the next completely frantic and in a hurry - creating disorder.

As today marks the first day after the holiday season, it entails that all stations here at the psychiatric ward are now open again and everything will be 'normal' again. The patients that came to my station, 6B, over the break because their station was closed all went back to their original station. Not only did those patients leave, but many were discharged as well; including two close friends of mine. With all these occurences happening today, it's suffice to say that the doctor's had a lot on their hands this morning; the station was in constant motion and there was never a dull moment.

It's always sad to see people leave, especially when I have grown so close with them. It seems that everyone can go home at one point or another; everyone except for me. Excluding my time at down at the intensive station, I have been here at 6B for 9 weeks already, or more - I'm not entirely sure. Out of all the remaining patients here, I have been here the longest and am one of the only people who has no idea how much longer I have to stay. Whenever I ask the doctor's what my close future holds for me, and when I might be able to go home, they simply say, "oh we'll see next week." Hearing this week after week becomes quite frustrating as it isn't a clear answer. Yet there is nothing I can do.

I just need to keep doing my thing and hope that everything works out.

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