Saturday, January 5, 2013

Successfully Eating Out

Everything about tonight was perfect; it was the perfect end to the perfect day - honestly. Tonight marked the second successful eating out experience that I have had since the summer. This time, it was with my dad. Simply seeing his reactions to eating at a restaurant with me - where I consumed a proper meal without any modifications to the menu - was breathtaking. His comments regarding just how far I have come were taken to heart by me.

Like I said previously, it really was the perfect evening. We basically had a private driver that 'dropped us off' at the restaurant as we were the only guests on the bus. That was followed to being the only dining guests at the lovely restaurant that has a view to die for - overlooking the Viennese skyline. Not only were we the only guests, we also had all the waiters at hand, constantly checking up on us, making both my dad and me feel like royalty to an extent.

The candlelight dinner was amazing. I did not restrict during the day to 'save up my calories' for my meal out nor did I miss out on taking my three supplement drinks. I did not hesitate upon ordering my lovely, delicious meal. I did not worry about what my meal entailed and consisted of. It's still hard for me to acknowledge this, but I was actually looking forward to this meal and boy, I was anything but disappointed - my tastebuds were watering by simply looking at the plate placed in front of me. The food itself was delicious; why yes, I enjoyed my meal to a great extent. On top of all of this amazing news, the conversation that occured throughout dinner was heavenly and intriguing - it had nothing to do with food; I was calm and not thinking about my meal; and there was an overall very calm and serene atmosphere.

To say that tonight was perfect might even be an understatement.


  1. Danke fuer den schoenen Abend !


  2. So happy for you Hannah. What a beautiful way to start off the year. Always remember this moment when you feel like things are getting hard or when you're frustrated in your recovery. This will be an incredible year for you. I believe it.