Saturday, December 1, 2012

Second Night-Leave!

My mom returned from Tokyo today and the reunion was lovely. Not only did I get to spend time with her by catching up and getting to know the current news of Tokyo - almost like story time for little kids as I sat there and anxiously awaited every word - I get to spend the entire evening and morning with her as well, as I am at home for the second time :3

Home to me is a placed where you are with loved ones. At home, you are able to relax and simply do nothing but be content with the entire situation; you feel completely at ease.

I'm learning to feel at ease again at home, and, like my ergotherapist suggested and instructed me to do: be capable of relaxing. Tonight was a lazy Saturday night in with my mom - we watched movies, gossiped, laughed.

Goodnight everyone. Now it's time for me to cuddle up in my own bed and get a good night's sleep, dreaming of tomorrow.

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