Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cold Weather - Time to Snuggle Up

As Christmas comes rolling around the corner, the weather's adapting to the predetermined Christmas conditions - lots and lots of snow. In a way, having a layer of snow cover the entire city is magical as everyone dreams of having a white Christmas.

Yet with the snow comes the cold, icy weather. Having frosty weather conditions and temperatures ranging from -8 to -2 C currently enables the snow to remain, yet it is uncomfortable for us. Being outside becomes a fight against time; the longer you endure in the bitterly cold, the warmer you should be dressed.

For me, being outside is both an enjoyment and a plague. I love winter, and the cold - especially when I'm outside at a Christmas market with friends. Yet being outside when it has these below zero temperatures is also bad for me as my body requires more energy to stay warm.

Whenever I go outside now, I wear layer upon layer upon layer. Today, for instance, I wore two pairs of tights underneath the thickest pair of sweatpants that I own while I wore five layers on top - not including my warm, fuzzy winter jacket. I am all bundled up and ready to face the cold like this. Yet not for too long because I need to make sure that I still consume enough calories on a daily basis that will enable me to continue gaining weight. I don't want to prolong my weight gain and by wearing lots of layers whenever I am outside for even the tiniest amount, I am hoping that will help.

So in a way, the cold weather is both a curse and an enjoyment for me.

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