Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Month and One Day

It's amazing how fast time passes in certain instances; it seems like just yesterday that I arrived at the 'new' station. No wonder that there's the saying time flies when you're having fun.

Although there's been rough days, such as the station lockdown, losing weight and the two times that I seriously considered leaving here before my planned date because I couldn't deal with the circumtances correctly, it's been a positive journey for the most part.

Let's just have a little recap of all the positive achievements that I have accomplished in the past month while being here:

  • Eating a wrong meal successfully; one that I didn't order in my meal plan
  • My first time being outside since August
  • My first overnight stay away from the hospital
  • My first eating out experience that wasn't in the hospital
  • My first time eating at a restaurant and ordering a proper meal from the menu without tweaking the dish to lessen the calorie content
  • Consuming both additional food as well as liquid calories
  • Gaining weight
  • Staring to enjoy food
I think that the list goes to show just how successful I have been and how much I was able to execute. Now I just need to remember that not everyday can be completely positive, that setbacks will occur. In those moments, it will be key to not give in to those anorexic thoughts but to keep going - even stronger.

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